Pest Control

Below is a quick guide to our current biological pest control options. 
*PLEASE be sure to READ the description on each product page prior to purchase*

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Hype-O: Works on pupae in the soil (also fungas gnats) 
Cucumeris: Works on the larvae on the leaves
Yellow Sticky Cards: Traps adult flying thrips (and gnats)

These three are also sold in a discounted combo pack here

Spider Mites
Persimilis: Best choice for grow tents and cabinets and are the main predator of spider mites. 
Fallacis are the best predator of spider mites if you seek to be preventative.  

These two can also be bought in a discounted combo pack here.

Fungas Gnats
Hype-O: Remains in soil of plant for control of gnat eggs and larvae. 


***  Note that any foliar spray, besides plain water, can harm the bios.  This includes foliar feed fertilizers and mildew sprays.  Safers insecticidal soap is fine and recommended to stop use at least the day prior***