Great plants, better vibes

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The founder

“Like nature, she evolves”

Hello there, and welcome to Florae!

My name is Sophia and if you have ever swung by the store, you will have met me! You have also most likely met one, two, three or all four of our children. Instead of the stress and heavy financial burden of childcare, I built my space with family in mind and bring my children with me most days. We are a large, busy family who had to get a bit creative when it came to making my dreams a reality.

The self-sacrificing journey of motherhood had left myself feeling a bit lost in who I was and what I had wanted for myself beyond family, health, and social wise. With a family of six, the anxiety of returning to work outside the home struck some major anxiety triggers. Discovering the inflexible world of childcare, school, and scheduling, I took the bold leap to create a business platform that worked for my family. I hope my philosophies and unique store approach can help pave the way for others to think outside the box and create beautiful things that work in harmony with their existing lives.

The Story

What do you get when you mix a hobby you love with the spark of an idea and sprinkle of ambition? 

The creation of something beautiful. 

In 2019, I dreamt up the idea of running a little plant business. I am impatient and highly impulsive so convincing myself to wait until 2020 to save and plan was a major accomplishment for myself. It also seemed like a smart move business and financial wise. Little did we know...

The COVID surprise. I registered the Florae trade name, got my business license, my suppliers...everything I needed. Just to have our first-ever lockdown a mere 4 days later. With the fear of the unknown, I honestly sat with the overwhelming feeling of defeat. I thought I would have to put my dream and all my hard work on the back burner. Instead, I accepted that Florae would look and operate a little differently. For now.

My first order was placed and sold from the comfort of lockdown and my living room couch. From there, it grew to my driveway during the summer, an industrial warehouse through our harsh winter, and then to our current location in the heart of a neighborhood bursting with the presence of community and kindness. 

I joke that Florae is like "Cheers" but for plants. Laughs are on the house and everybody knows your name. Grab a cuppa and come say hi! Bring your kids, your friends, your mom, and pictures of your dogs.

See you soon,


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The mission

People first, store second.

I want to not only provide my community with a variety of  beautiful plants that are great in quality, I want to provide a welcoming space for anyone who walks in.

Our space is all inclusive and very family friendly. I am happy to help entertain children so parent's can browse! Children are welcome to be their whole selves here, I do not place any expectations on children when they enter my shop. We have toys, a chalkboard, and more! I can even provide space for nursing mothers and teach children about plants.

Central Alberta with a variety of unique and hard to find plants at competitive pricing is a top priority! I am happy to hunt and work to bring in plants on request, or even help point you in the right direction! Florae also holds space for local makers and businesses to showcase and offer their products in store, from coffee & mugs, soaps, candles, and more!


#104 3722 57 Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta

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