Thripex Mini

Thripex Mini

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Preventative dosage:
1 per plant
Light Curative Dosage: 2 per plant

When to use Thripex mini?
Use Thripex mini for biological pest control of various thrips species. Hatching eggs and larvae. Predatory mites also eat spider mites (i.e. strawberry mite, broad mite), several other mites, honeydew and pollen.

How does Thripex mini work?
Adult predatory mites actively search for and feed on their prey.

For Hanging Baskets – insert sachets into the center of the container at the time of hanging. Installing in the middle of the plants (shaded) and with the bottom edge of the sachet touching the substrate will typically yield the longest release of predators.

Sachets already have an exit hole.

Place sachets in sheltered positions on the crop (no direct sunlight).

Measures improving the moisture balance in the sachets, such as placing the bottom of the sachet on the moist substrate, will have a positive effect on the longevity of the product.

Hold sachets by the stick. The predatory mites are easily damaged

Please note Thripex Mini contains grain mites and bran. These mites might cause slight damage to some crops, especially with a large number of mites and high humidity. Therefore consult your supplier prior to using Thripex and it is recommended to carry out a small field test to monitor the effects.